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2021 La Cueva's Got Talent

Talent Show


"La Cueva's Got Talent" 


We will have 3 rounds of voting 

Round 1 - March 11th-13th  - ALL videos will be posted for voting.   

Round 2 - March 14th-15th  - TOP 10  will be posted for voting.

Round 3 - March 16th - TOP 3  videos will be posted for voting.


March 17th @ 6:00pm LIVE STREAMED FINALE  (think America's got Talent, American Idol, etc). We will have the finalists and other entertainment. 



VOTING 1 vote= $1 (use the PayPal link below  to vote)

In the "Add a Note" section, please put what Act or Acts you are voting for and how many "votes/dollars" you are putting on each act. (For example. Video #1, $100)

You may use the same link to vote for multiple acts HOWEVER - please make sure you notate that in the description. (For example, Video #1, $100.  Video #5 $400)

You may vote as many times as you would like (we could use all the money we can get!)



VOTE HERE:        PayPal link 

Note: this link will take you to the PTA New Mexico Congress PayPal which is owned by the La Cueva PTA




Video #5
Elise Baca "Kenpo Staff"


Video #12
Liam Hays "Red Barchetta" Guitar


Video #14
Josef Naase "Magic Cards"