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Substance Abuse Resources

Where can I go to get support for substance use/abuse?

Ask LCHS Crossroads Counselor Mrs. Ulibarri



Agora-24 Hour Crisis: (505)277-3013 or (866)-435-7166(HELP-1-NM)

Albuquerque Family Advocacy Center: (505)243-2333

Alcoholics Anonymous: (505)266-1900

NM Crisis and Access Line: (855)662-7474

Tobacco Hotline: (800)784-8669


Support/Recovery Meetings


Youth Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings: (505)266-1900,

Youth Narcotics Anonymous Meetings: (866)885-6562(866),

Smart Recovery (Alternative to 12 Steps for Teens): (505)610-3610,


Substance Use/Abuse Counseling


CFAR (Center for Family and Adolescent Research): (505)842-8932,

Open Skies Healthcare : (505)345-8471505,

Southwest Family Guidance Center: (505)830-1871,



Parent Involvement Program

The Parent Involvement Program (PIP) is a psycho-educational learning experience for APS students with their parents. These evening groups  focus on substance use and parent/teen communication issues in the home, at school, and in our community.  PIP’s purpose is not to lay blame, but to consider positive options for the future. Generally, a PIP referral is made after a student receives a drug and/or alcohol violation at school, but a parent and student may together attend voluntarily with the Crossroads facilitator's permission. Following a suspension determined by the administrator, the student and guardian are required to attend the program. A PIP contract regarding the substance abuse prevention classes (evenings once a week for 3 weeks) is completed by the administrator and student and guardian/parent. Failure to complete the PIP program can result in the administration of additional consequences.  Following the completion of PIP, students receive follow-up services and become part of the general Crossroads caseload.

Substance Use/Abuse Informational Websites  For teens: alcohol and other drugs  Help for teens to stand up to negative pressures or influences Info on how to talk to kids about tough issues  Interesting blogs and good info on Hispanic teen drug use Interactive site about drug use  Healing Addiction in Our Community (local)  Free tobacco cessation programs for youth and adults – Students Against Destructive Decisions  Anti-Underage drinking campaign for younger students  Lessons for teachers and counselors