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SAT School Day

La Cueva High School will be offering the SAT During the School Day on April 13th and 14th. Students had to opt-in through a district form back in March. Students have been sent information on testing to their APS email account and information was sent to the parent email address listed when the opt-in form was filled out.  

Test Day Information

Students have been sent their assigned testing day and location via their APS email. 

Students need to arrive by 7:00am on their assigned testing day

Students MUST bring their APS issued Chromebook as the testing platform is loaded on those devices and that is the only way they can access the exam. Students cannot use personal devices for this exam. Please make sure it is fully charged and bring the charging cord with you.

The system has a built in calculator that you will be able to use. If you want to use a handheld calculator, you are encouraged to to bring one with you. We will try to have a few available Please make sure your calculator is on The College Board list of acceptable calculators.

Students should also bring an ID (any picture ID will work), a pencil or pen, a snack or drink for the break and should wear layers as our rooms can be cold and hot.

The test is approximately 5.5 hours long and we hope to be done by 12:30pm. The test includes a mandatory essay and students cannot leave early.

Before Test Day

SAT School Day Student Guide - this is the book you were given at the pre-administration session. It has a practice test in it and other information about taking the SAT.

Preview the Student Digital Test Experience - students can visit this site to practice using the digital platform and answer sample questions. While this is available to use on any device, students must bring their APS issued Chromebook on test day.