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Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation

Students may need letters of recommendations for college applications, job applications, scholarships and more.  Most organizations will specify who they need a letter from but typically teachers and counselors are they main point of contact for recommendations.

To request a letter of recommendation from a Counselor, please fill out your Counselor's form by clicking on the appropriate link below. Once you submit the form you should also put in a pass to see them so they can go over the information with you.

Counselor Recommendation Request Forms:

Mrs. Hawes - Last Names A-Do

Mr. Reilly - Last Names Dr-J

Mrs. Romero - Last Names K-Man

Mrs. Garcia - Last Names Mar-R

Mrs Goodman - Last Names S-Z



  • Students should ask their teacher and/or counselor at least 10 business days prior to the deadline to allow enough time to write the letter
  • Make sure to also provide your recommender with any detailed information that the college, scholarship organization or other entity has provided with guidelines for writing and submitting the letter of recommendation