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8th Grade, Charter and Homeschool Athletes

If you live in the La Cueva boundaries, but do not attend our school and are currently in 8th grade, attend a Charter or Homeschool and would like to participate in Athletics, please read the following information to register. Not sure if you live in our boundaries? Check here.

1. Print appropriate form from the options below.

8th Grade Students

Charter School Students

Homeschool Students

2. Email form to the Athletic Director, along with a current Purchase/Lease Agreement AND PNM/Gas Bill. 

3. Once the Athletic Director reviews and approves the paperwork, the Registrar will be notified to give you next step instructions to register.

Each athlete is required to submit a valid physical and supporting documents through DragonFly.

For more information on Athletics, please contact:

Brandon Back, Athletic Director

For more information on Registration, please contact:

Sharon Ade, Registrar