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Schedules and Schedule CORRECTIONS
Posted 8/3/22


Class Schedules will be released to your student’s StudentVUE account on Thursday, August 4th in the afternoon (*this date changed from an email Mrs. Lee previously sent out).


Remember they will use their APS Student ID number to login to thier StudentVUE account. If they do not remember their password (it is the same password they use to login to APS computers and programs), they can go to and click Forgot Password. If they still cannot get logged in, they can call 505-823-2327 ext. 33002 for assistance. Keep in mind our call volume is very high at this time, so please make sure they try to reset it before calling.

Once they login, if they don’t have a schedule, please have them email Mrs. Ade at so she can check your registration.



Every year we have students who want to change their schedules. We cannot accommodate schedule changes; however, we can make schedule corrections based on the criteria below. 


Schedule Corrections

Please remember that we built the master schedule based on the student’s course requests from the Spring. We cannot make changes to their schedule because they changed their mind. We can make corrections to schedule if an error was made. Here is the policy as written in the Course Handbook:

All students are expected to continue and complete the courses they select. Adequate schedule planning for students, teachers, and classroom space can be completed only when school officials can consider students’ schedule requests to be final and binding. There will be times when a correction is necessary. The special circumstances that can precipitate a schedule correction review are completion of summer school coursework, failed courses from previous semesters, changing to a course with a higher degree of difficulty in the same subject area, or fulfillment of a graduation requirement.


If a correction needs to be made to their schedule, please do not email your Counselor for schedule changes or corrections, we will help students on a walk-in basis based on grade level on the following days and times. 

9th Grade: Friday, August 5th 8:00- 9:45am (before CUB Day begins)

10th Grade: Tuesday, August 9th 10:45am - 12:15pm

11th Grade: Tuesday, August 9th  9:30 - 10:45am

12th Grade: Tuesday, August 9th  8:00 - 9:30am