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Dress Code Guidance 2022-2023
Posted 7/19/22

LCHS Student Dress Code 2022-2023


La Cueva’s dress code requires that our students dress appropriately for their environment. What may be acceptable in an informal setting may not be appropriate school attire. Student dress is a reflection of the campus climate and La Cueva High School is recognized as a top performing high school with an emphasis on its motto, “Where Excellence is a Habit.” At the end of the 2021-2022 school year, a committee comprised of staff, students and parents met to discuss our dress code and any changes needed for the 2022-2023 school year. The committee was in agreement that students at La Cueva High School dress appropriately for our environment and school goals, while maintaining agreed upon standards of comfort. The responsibility to interpret and enforce the policy rests with the La Cueva High School administration.


The dress code for all students at La Cueva High School consists of the following:

  • Shirt straps must be two inches or wider
  • Shorts/skirts should not be shorter than mid-thigh
  • Underwear (sports bras, bra-lets, spandex shorts, boxers) may not be worn as outer wear
  • Blouses, pants, shorts and skirts shall be worn so that no undergarments can be seen (this includes blouses with v-cut backs).
  • Clothing should not be sheer or overly revealing, and bare midriffs are not acceptable.
  • No caps, beanies, hoodies or sunglasses should be worn inside the building.
  • Additionally, La Cueva’s dress code prohibits any attire or appearance of students, which presents a health or safety hazard or is in violation of municipal or state law, or presents a potential for disruption to the instructional program, such as:
  1. Attire or accessories which advertise, display or promote any drug, including alcohol and tobacco
  2. Attire which displays/promotes sexual activity or violence
  3. Attire which displays/promotes disrespect and/or bigotry toward any group


Consequences for dress code infractions will be progressive according to the discipline matrix.