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Parking passes on sale online July 13th
Posted 7/12/22

2022-2023 parking passes  will

be sold online through SchoolPay- links below


Students may pick them up on early locker day or the first day of school- must show their receipt. 


There is not enough on-campus parking for all of our student drivers. Parking passes will be sold for $45.00 and are first-come, first-served.


The cafeteria lot is reserved for underclassmen and any upperclassmen who have full-day schedules as the lot is secured during the day by security and/or a gate.


Other lots (Gym & Tennis Courts*) are available to upperclassmen who have abbreviated schedules. 

**Seniors will also have the option of purchasing a spot in the senior lot (Tennis Courts) that can be personalized (painted). Those students should first purchase a regular pass; more information regarding painted spots will come out soon.


For those who do not wish to purchase a pass, parking is available along Wilshire Avenue on the south side of campus.