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End-of-Year Message from Principal Lee
Posted 5/26/21

La Cueva Community,


Saying ‘thank you’ does not begin to convey the gratitude I feel as we wrap up the longest ‘year’ in educational history. Your patience and encouragement of all things La Cueva while supporting your own child’s efforts in maintaining engagement have been appreciated by all of our staff. We know sometimes we didn’t execute plans and initiatives perfectly, and we know the barrage of communication with varying messages was exhausting. But we are now drive-thru experts and technologically proficient, and all of us have a greater appreciation for the community we serve.


When I advised our seniors at their graduation ceremony to always look for and recognize the silver linings moving forward, I wasn’t just speaking to the Class of 2021. As hard as this experience has been, there is much to take away. We will use the lessons learned to inform our instructional practices well into the future, and our students are resilient in ways we could have never taught them to be.


While I cannot make promises about what next year will look like, I can assure you that our plan is to have every student back on campus learning in-person. While remote learning has served an important purpose, it is not, nor will it be, the La Cueva High School model. As a comprehensive high school, we value the importance of socialization and relationship-building in preparing our students for their futures. I cannot wait to have all 1,800 students back where they belong!


Report cards will be distributed by the district through the mail during the second week of June. Many of our students will be taking advantage of online summer school beginning June 7th. If you have not already registered your student, please contact eCademy at High School Summer School. Though all courses will be online, we will have teachers on campus to support any student who would benefit from face-to-face assistance while they complete their online course. Additionally, we will be asking our summer school students to sign a contract which requires them to report to campus if they fall behind in their course or are earning lower than a C. To clarify, summer school students do not need to come to campus unless they fall behind or want extra assistance. Additional information will be sent out once summer school begins.



I will be taking a break from emailing families for a little while, but please put the following dates on your calendar:


  • August 4th / 12th Grade Registration, Locker Check-Out and IDs
  • August 5th / 11th and 10th Grade Registration, Locker Check-Out and IDs
  • August 6th / CUB Day – welcome to our 9th graders!
  • August 11th / First Day of School for ALL Students!


Specific details and times will be communicated later and also posted on the website.


Once again, thank you for your support of La Cueva High School. I hope you all have a wonderful summer full of everything summer represents.


Go Bears!


Dana Lee