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Senior 2020 Bear Crawl Directions & Photography Ordering
Posted 5/22/20

La Cueva Senior Class of 2020 Bear Crawl


We are so excited about the upcoming Senior Class of 2020 Bear Crawl this Thursday, May 28th, from 4-7pm!


You will be broken down again by last names (A-H 4-5pm; I-P 5-6pm; Q-Z 6-7pm).  During your assigned time you will report to the old Bed, Bath & Beyond Parking lot (Holly Ave). This will be the staging area where you will get in line for the parade. The route will be as follows:


  1. Staging Area - former Bed, Bath & Beyond parking lot on Holly Ave
  2. West on Holly to Barstow
  3. North on Barstow to Wilshire
  4. West on Wilshire to La Cueva
  5. Turn in the horseshoe lot in the front of the school for picture & diploma
  6. Exit horseshoe lot to Wilshire (right turn only)
  7. Wilshire to Wyoming (right turn only)
  8. Wyoming to Ventura (no access to Barstow until after parade)


There will be APS police as well as APD & BCSO helping us salute you along the route (as well as directing traffic).


Spectators may park along the route on Holly, Barstow and Wilshire, but must follow all traffic laws. No cars may park on Wyoming or Alameda. Additionally, spectators should remain in their cars and should not gather with other spectators. We encourage signs, noise makers and car decorations!


Parade participants must abide by the following guidelines:

  1. There will only be 1 Senior allowed per car (unless they are siblings) *
  2. The Senior will need to be in the passenger seat with their Cap & Gown on before they are allowed to enter the parade line*
  3. The Senior’s name will need to be posted on the passenger side wind-shield, readable from the outside (this will allow for a more efficient process once you reach the horseshoe) *
  4. A professional picture will be taken, and diplomas will be handed out (you will receive a free 8x10 in the mail after the event- see additional ordering details below). Only the Senior may get out of the car
  5. Decorate your cars

*#1-3 must be followed or you will not be allowed to get in line for the event. Remember, the reason we are having a parade instead of a ceremony is because we are under health and safety orders from the Governor. Students who do not abide by the parade route rules and social distancing protocols will not be allowed to participate.


Please contact Mrs. Metzger ( with specific questions or concerns regarding the Class of 2020 Bear Crawl. Go Bears!






Kenneth Brown Photography Ordering Procedures

All graduates will receive one FREE 8x10 of the Individual pose. If you would like to order additional photos, or any of the car pose, please see ordering info below.


Photos are prepaid. La Cueva will be providing each graduate with one 8x10 of the individual photo. Parents can also purchase the car photo online and additional prints of the individual photo:


Examples & prices:


website: - Access Key: 7Z5KBT47


Below is important information that will make our drive thru celebration move quickly and smoothly:


1. Make sure the graduate is in the front passenger seat. The graduate should not be driving because they will have to get out of the car to take pictures.

2. For the car photos- if you would like other family members to show up in the pictures, practice hanging out the window for the picture.

3. Every graduate should write their name large and clear on a sheet of paper and have it posted on the front passenger side windshield as they drive up for ID purposes.

4. Make sure that you come fully dressed. Cap on, shoes on, gown zipped! If you are not prepared when it is your turn, we will ask you to keep driving.

5. Drivers should remain attentive at all times, as traffic will be stop and go. Staff will be directing traffic to provide a more efficient process, and to direct families to the best photo spots.

7. Please arrive to the staging area during your assigned time. The parade will proceed in a timely manner if students arrive on time. All students and families MUST remain in their cars while waiting in the staging area.