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Congratulations Class of 2020!
Posted 5/12/20

Class of 2020, we are missing you tremendously today. What we wouldn’t give to help you figure out that the tassel goes on the right, the silver thing goes over your gown and the pointy part goes in the back. And every year there is that one kid who puts the gown on backwards; the zipper goes in front!


Yesterday would have been our Honors Ceremony/Graduation practice, the relaxed celebration before the official ceremony. We would have practiced sitting, and standing, and walking. Today, you would have graduated at Tingley Coliseum. Your heads would have been held high, lines would have been straight, and we would have all been over-heating in our robes. Even though we cannot have that experience, you will find the official graduation program on the La Cueva website now, which you may print and reproduce at will.


We want you to know that every one of you is in our hearts and we are celebrating you from afar. We are hopeful that gathering restrictions will begin to ease soon and we will be able to plan an amazing event for you later this month, hopefully involving diplomas! Please know that we dream of different ways to celebrate you every day, but we are forced to wait. The entire La Cueva staff is extremely proud of all you have achieved over the last four years! The moment you entered our hallways as nervous freshmen, you became a life-long Bear. There were ups and downs along the way, but you made it! You are now a La Cueva alum; Once a Bear, Always a Bear.


Even though the celebration will look different than we planned, celebrate anyway! We challenge each of you to put on your cap and gown today and let your families take as many pictures of you as they want! Drive around the neighborhood and wave at strangers, throw your cap, post pictures on Instagram and Twitter and let the world know that today is your day! No matter the current circumstances, you can be proud of your many accomplishments and all the work it took to get here.


Congratulations La Cueva High School Class of 2020! The world awaits, and we are excited to see what the next chapter brings for each of you. Go Bears!


Principal Lee and the La Cueva High School Staff