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Academic Assistance

La Cueva High School Free Tutoring

- Open to All Students - 

English : Ms. Hood (C-48)
3:45pm -5:00pm

Science : Mr. Frey (B-14)
7:40am - 8:30am

Spanish: Ms. Perez (C-20)/ Ms. Pino (C-10)
7:40am - 8:30am

Math : Ms. Mitson-Salazar  (F-11)
3:40pm - 4:30pm     

All tutors are willing to assist students who would like additional assistance in any Math, English, Science, or Spanish class. In addition to tutoring help, test make-up may be available from teachers. Please check your class syllabus or ask your teachers for details concerning their policies.


  • You do not have to sign up in advance
  • Students must sign in for tutoring
  • Transportation after tutoring is the responsibility of the students and/or their parents


Free 24/7 Tutoring through Paper

Albuquerque Public Schools students in third through twelfth grade now have access to unlimited 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week tutoring through Paper.

The virtual sessions encompass everything from personalized tutoring and writing assignment reviews to college and career support for students. The service, which is chat and voice-based, is free for all APS students.  Visit APS' website to learn how to Opt In so your student can access this amazing service 24/7.

Students can access the Paper Tutoring site through their ClassLink account.

First page of the PDF file: Free24-7AcademicSupport_2023_apppaperco_1

Other Academic Assistance Tools

Visit the La Cueva Library page for additional resources available to all students -

Khan Academy - Practice exercises and instructional videos.

OWL from Purdue University - Resource for MLA Formatting

NoRedInk - Help with grammar and writing

Grammarly - grammar assistance

openstax - Online textbooks that help clarify concepts in different ways for a variety of subjects

Melissa Mirabel for Chemistry

ReviewEcon - resource for Economics classes

DeltaMath and IXL - Math Assistance (login through your account)

Hotmath - navigate to the math class you are taking now (Algebra 1, Geometry, etc) and search for your textbook. Then put in the page number you are working on click on the number of the question closest to the one you are working on. It will give you step by step instructions. Click the down arrow to see the next step.

ATF Homework Hotline

Tutoring Sign In Form

Please use the following Tutoring Sign In Form each time you visit a teacher for tutoring.

Tutoring Sign In Form