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Office Hours: 7:25 to 2:25

Phone: (505) 828-4593

Direct Fax: (505) 828-3612


  • Students with Asthma should keep an INHALER in their backpack and/or in the Health Office.  A completed Asthma Action Form should be turned into the Health Office. 
  • Students with Food/Insect/Latex Allergies should keep an EPIPEN in their backpack and/or in the Health Office. A completed Allergy Action Plan should be turned into the Health Office. If your child will be eating in the school cafeteria, please complete a Special Diet form and turn it into the nurse.
  • Update the school health office with any new medical diagnoses your child has or any new medications your child is taking.
  • Inform the school health office of any changes to your child's emergency card/contacts; including new phone numbers.
  • Update the school health office with  any known severe food allergies (such as tree nuts, peanuts, etc.) or other severe allergies (such as insect bites) your child has.  Please make sure the school health office has current health care provider orders for EPIPENS and BENADRYL.
  • Provide the school health office with EPIPENS and BENADRYL as ordered by your child's physician in the event of an emergency as La Cueva High School is NOT a "peanut free" school.

Health Resources


Shots Before School

School Entry Immunization Requirements

Exemption from Immunizations Form

This form must be completed and approved by the Department of Health prior to registration each school year.  

If there is a case of any  vaccine preventable disease at your child’s school, students who have a state approved exemption may be excluded from school.  This exclusion can be for about 21 days. Because this exclusion is a home quarantine, those students excluded from school would not be eligible for on-site homework assistance (such as home hospital).