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Testing: College Entrance/Preparation

La Cueva  320-038

This is our "CEEB Code." You will be asked for this code when registering for the ACT, SAT, and other standardized tests, and on some college or scholarship applications.


While many colleges/universities will post either the minimum ACT or SAT scores that students need to have for admissions, the majority of these schools will accept either score.  

Students can opt to have their scores sent automatically to the college(s) of their choice when they sign up to take the ACT or SAT or they can wait to get the scores and then send them to the college(s).  Keep in mind if you wait and send them after the scores are released, there is a fee associated with sending them.

LCHS does receive your scores and will copy them on the back of all official transcripts that are sent out. Some colleges will accept the scores on the back of the transcript while others will want you to send them directly from ACT or SAT. Check with your individual college for instructions.


ACT (College Placement Exam)

CLICK HERE to go to the ACT website for registration and information on college related material.

SAT (College Entrance Exam)

CLICK HERE to go to the College Board website where you can register for the SAT and find information on a variety of college related material.

Practice ACT (Administered by PTA)

Each fall and spring, the LCHS PTA offers a Practice ACT and Teachback.  The Practice ACT is an actual released version of the real ACT. This exam is normed for 11th grade students and is a great practice for taking a standardized exam.  The PTA has students take the Practice ACT in the evening and a week later they provide students with a Teachback to explain the scores and strategies for improvement.

There is a small fee to take the exam which can be paid during the sign ups coordinated by the PTA.  

CLICK HERE to visit the PTA website


PSAT/NMSQT (Practice exam for SAT and National Merit Semi-Finalist Qualifying Exam)

The PSAT/NMSQT exam is offered every fall.  Juniors who take the exam and score in the top 1% of the students in New Mexico will earn the designation of National Merit Semi-Finalist. This designation is used to award scholarships at many universities throughout the United States.  Semi-Finalists then have the opportunity during their Senior year to compete for Finalist designation which can mean even more scholarship opportunities.

CLICK HERE to visit the PSAT/NMSQT website

AP Exams

AP Exams are given at the end of each academic year. Students enrolled in an AP class can take the AP Exam and if they pass with a score of 3, 4 or 5 many colleges/universities will grant college credit for that subject.

Registration for AP Exams will take place each spring, typically in February or March. The Counseling Office will send out emails with registration dates and times.

CLICK HERE to visit the AP website and see what credit you can earn at specific colleges.

Accuplacer (English and Math Placement Exam for CNM)

A placement test used by Central New Mexico Community College for new college freshmen and dual credit high school students. CLICK here for more information.

CLICK HERE for ACCUPLACER Sample Questions

ASVAB (Career Exploration Exam & Military Qualifying Exam)

Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) The ASVAB Career Exploration Program includes eight individual tests covering verbal and math skills, mechanical knowledge, electronics, etc. It also provides three Career Exploration Scores for Verbal Skills, Math Skills, and Science and Technical Skills. These three scores serve as one of several pieces of information about your teen that can aid in the exploration of a wide variety of educational and career options. The ASVAB is offered at no cost and no obligation to high school students.

CLICK HERE for more information on the ASVAB