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College Visits

Colleges Visiting La Cueva High School

Below is a list of the organizations visiting La Cueva High School. Please make sure to stop by their tables during lunch or sign up to meet with them. Make sure to ask them about admissions requirements, scholarship opportunities, specifics about the majors they offer and anything else you want to know about the school. Keep in mind that the representatives that visit are most likely the ones who will be reading the admissions applications so it is a great way to let them know who you are and make a great first impression.

Colleges Visiting La Cueva

All of the following representatives will be visits at lunch and will be in the Concourse by the pizza window:

George Washington University                    9/27
Emory University                                            10/8
Rice University                                                10/8 (beginning of lunch)
Northeastern                                                  10/8
Southwest University of Visual Arts            10/9
Whitman College                                            10/9
Eastern New Mexico University                   10/15
Columbia College                                           10/16
Washington and Lee University                   10/21
University of Richmond                                 10/23
Northern Arizona University                         10/24
Case Western Reserve University                10/24
Loyola Marymount University                      10/24
Wellesley                                                          10/28 (will be in the Counseling Office)