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AP Exams

Welcome to the 2019-20 academic year! AP Exam ordering will be a lot different this year due to changes with the process at The College Board. Here is a summary of changes:

Students must log in to their College Board account at the beginning of the semester and enter a join code for each AP class they are in. By doing this, students will have access to course materials in their myAP system and teachers will be able to use resources with you throughout the year.

To learn how to enter a join code for your AP classes visit this site.

If you have trouble logging in to your College Board account please visit their troubleshooting page.

In October, students will order the exams by the deadline of  November 1st. All exam orders for full year courses and fall semester only courses, must be done by November 1st. Spring semester only courses will register in the spring and must be completed by February 2nd. For information about exam ordering you can visit our ordering site, but please know that we will not start the ordering process until October 1st. 


  • AP exams are $94 per exam (AP Seminar and Research are $133 per exam)
  • Students who miss the November 1st ordering deadline for full year courses and fall semester only courses, and decide they want to take the test, will need to pay the $94 exam fee and a $40 late ordering fee imposed by the College Board.
  • Students who sign up for an exam and later decide they don't want to take the exam, will only be able to receive a partial refund because the College Board will impose a $40 unused test fee on us.
  • Students on Free or Reduced Priced Lunch, can qualify for an AP Exam fee waiver bringing the cost down to $3 per exam. They must see Mrs. Chandler to fill out the necessary paperwork to qualify. Keep in mind that if the student does not take the exam, we will assess a fee to their Student Account for $37 to cover the $40 unused test fee.

Teacher use only:

myAP Enrollment Change Form