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What Can Parents Do?

Set Clear Rules about Drug Abuse and Drinking.
Take Time to talk to your kids about those rules.
Sign the PROJECT “WE CARE” Pledge for drug/alcohol-free parties.
Support other families who have also signed the PROJECT “WE CARE” pledge.
Help your teen deal with peer pressure, act appropriately in social situations, let them know you can have a good time without drugs or alcohol and build solid relationships.


Preventing teen drug and alcohol use starts with the family. In order to reduce the drug abuse and underage drinking among La Cueva High School Students, the La Cueva High School Families must band together to help change social norms around drug abuse and underage drinking in our community.
Young people who use drugs and alcohol are more likely to be victims of perpetrators of violence, engage in unplanned and unprotected sex, experience school failure or be seriously injured from driving or engaging in other risky behaviors while impaired.
Easy access and availability of drugs and alcohol make it difficult to keep young people out of harm’s way.
For more information contact the LCHS PTA through the LCHS web site.
Sources: A guide for keeping parents, grandparents, youth, elders, members, drug free; us department of health and human services.
John j. Colby: “To prevent Drug Use Social Factors Must Be Addressed”; the Brown university Child and Adolescent Letter, Nov. 1998

Project We Care

A program for La Cueva High School parents, guardians and families.
Help prevent drug use and underage drinking.
Dedicated to: parents who see the need for teen boundaries and Teens who are courageous enough to follow them!
Sponsored by: LCHS PTA & LCHS Teens in Prevention


A community based program designed to address the issues of drug abuse and underage drinking.
Helping parents and students in developing, coordinating and delivering activities aimed at reducing the drug abuse and underage drinking issues in the La Cueva High School community.DontSmoke.jpg
A hands on approach to education. Students are in charge of developing a community wide campaign against drug abuse and underage drinking which actively involves parents and guardians.
Funded by: LCHS PTA

What is the PROJECT “WE CARE” pledge for drug/alcohol - free parties?

Through a signed pledge, parents and guardians commit to:
Host drug and alcohol-free parties for their sons/daughters.
Provide adult supervision at teen parties in their home.
Help prevent violence by reporting any underage drinking parties to APD at 242-COPS. (242-2677)
Support other parents and guardians who have signed the pledge.
DIRECTORY all parents/guardians who sign the PROJECT “WE CARE” pledge will be provided with a directory of all LCHS parents and families committed to the program.

Count me in!! How do I sign up for PROJECT “WE CARE” ?

Sign the attached pledge form, or pick one up at the reception desk located in the front of the high school or call LCHS at 823-2327.

How can I support others who have pledged?

Host joint parties with other families who have pledged for drug/alcohol-free parties.
Share tips with others who have hosted successful drug and alcohol-free parties.
Identify and share with your teen, alternatives to parities where drugs and alcohol may be present.
Be willing to share information with other parents who may also be struggling with this issue.
Sometimes I lie awake at night and I ask, “where have I gone wrong?” then a voice says to me, “this is going to take more than one night.”
Charlie Brown, Peanuts, Charles Schulz