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eCademy is APS's credit recovery school that allows students to retake classes. The majority of the classes are online but some do have an in person component. Students must contact their counselors to receive approval to take an eCademy class and obtain the registration form.

Once students get approval from their Counselor to take an eCademy class, the student will need pay the registration fee and the Counseling Office will register the student for the class. Students WILL NOT be registered for eCADEMY classes until they have paid the registration fee.

Fall 2017 Classes

Students can now register for eCademy classes for the Fall 2017 semester. eCademy is available for students who need to take a class for credit recovery.


To get started, print out the eCademy form, fill out your personal information (including email addresses at the bottom) sign it and have your parent/guardian sign it.


You will need to bring the signed form and $25 cash or check made payable to LCHS to the Counseling Office. You will see your Counselor first and have him/her help you decide which class(es) are needed and they will sign the form approving you to take the class(es).


Finally, you will give the completed form and payment to Mrs. Bash. We will then process your paperwork and get you registered for the class.



Contact your Academic Counselor if you have any questions:

Last Names

A – D                Mrs. Hawes         
E – J                 Mr. Reilly             
K – O                Mrs. Easton        
P – R                Mrs. Garcia         

S – Z                Mrs. Goodman    


Once you are registered for the class you will need to begin working by logging in to the edgenuity site.


Login to your class(es) at
Username: (studentID)aps
Password: (studentID)

For example:
Password: 123456789


For more assistance with using edgenuity click here. You can also visit G4 during lunch, 5th, 6th and 7th periods and have Ms. Graham help you. 


Keys for Success

  • Log in regularly, at least twice a week

  • Spend at least 4-5 hours a week every week working on assignments in each class

  • Attend all required class meetings, science and math labs at eCademy

  • Submit work by due dates or risk being withdrawn with a W or WF on transcript

  • Adhere to the APS Student Behavior Handbook and Internet Use Agreement

  • Do not engage in cyber-bullying or academic dishonesty, such as plagiarism or cheating

  • Begin working in all your online classes from the first day of class

  • Finish all class work by the end of the semester because there are NO extensions for any reason