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Student Health Services

Linda Thompson RN BSN NCSN's Schedule/File Listing

OTC Med Form 

Parent permission to carry over the counter or short term prescription medications at school for prn use (like Tylenol, antibiotics, imitrex). A copy needs to be given to the school nurse. This form is not for daily prescriptions meds. This form can be used for short term use of controlled substances. All controlled substances MUST be locked up in the Health Office and administered by Health Office staff. Students may NOT carry controlled substances with them during school.  

Provider Order and Medication Authorization Form 

This form is used for daily prescription medication use at school. It must be signed by a doctor and parent/guardian and then given to the school nurse.  

Asthma Action Plan

Use this form if your student has asthma and will need to carry an inhaler with them at school.  

Allergy Action Plan 

Use this form if your student has severe allergies and needs either an epi-pen or benadryl in case of a reaction.  

Diabetes Medical Management Plan 

Use this form if your student has Type 1 or 2 diabetes so the health office can manage daily blood sugars and episodes of hyper or hypoglycemia.